Signs Of Ancient Technology

The theory that civilizations progress from a ancient condition to a more advanced one is really a fallacy… If one… discusses results and the historical references using an impartial brain, what one encounters is civilizations which used very sophisticated technologies. We also guide people to create a hat in pyramid shape and set Mu-metal foil and alluminium foil externally to protect against orgone the cancer E R Y gleam strikes of the National Security Businesses Lacrosse satellites and against cancer micro-wave emission (Atlanttean Electricity Helmet). To show your space into an Orgone production center that is therapeutic placed metal foil to the surfaces and threshold and get an orgone pyramid from orgonise dot net, having a minus register between orgonise and Africa.

The experts furthermore unearthed that the glucose was not necessary, whilst the same effect might be created by merely applying 1 milliliter of regular water that were located within the pyramid. In amounts of contamination, the mice located in the chart survived at a price of 60% while only 7% survived in the control team. In bigger amounts of contamination, 30% of the rats while in the pyramid lasted as opposed to only 3% while in the control group.

The isoceles triangle that is the facial skin of this type of pyramid might be made of both halves of the diagonally split glowing rectangle (of measurement semi-starting by apothem), joining the medium-duration tips to make the apothem. The level with this chart may be the square-root of Phitimes the semi-base; the height's block is corresponding to a face's area, f occasions the block of the semi-base. The degree calculator that converts from degrees to decimal degrees provides result of 51.827222222222225, this means the data on wiki is most likely accurate.
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